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  • Hi Kyle I seen you at the Monroe Airshow but it was so crowed I didn't get to talk to you. How are you guys? Did you get your EA-6 yet I remember you got more aircraft ?Have a great day.

    Posted By Lance Braaten

    November 17th

  • Jeff Wofford called me yesterday to discuss details. We are doing finger foods and finger deserts as well as as cake. My internet is out so I can't send out an email. If anyone would like to bring something to help out. Please feel free to do so. That would be fabulous!

    Posted By Hickory Aviation Museum

    November 14th

  • As Kyle said in the previous post ...this Sunday, November 16th, 2014 at 2:00 pm. The Hickory Aviation Museum will be having a Veterans Day gathering at the Hickory Regional Airport Multi - Purpose Room in the main terminal. Please pass the word to all Veterans.

    Posted By Hickory Aviation Museum

    November 14th

  • Veteran's Day gig on Sunday at 14:00! Bring all the vets you know to HAM!! We got some celebrating to do!!

    Posted By Kyle Kirby

    November 13th

  • Sunday November 16th????

    Posted By Judy Ayers Rosamond

    November 12th

  • Talked to Jeff Willhelm today! He sounded great! There will be a thing for him from 6-9 at the Crescent Moon in downtown Hickory tomorrow night...BE THERE!!! I will!! As well...Tim Garrison called me and the Hickory Olive Garden will have free lunch and dinner for vets this Tuesday.....to all my vet buds...GO EAT...and thank you Tim and Nancy and TJ!! Very cool day..Kyle

    Posted By Hickory Aviation Museum

    November 10th

  • I can volunteer tomorrow, Sunday.

    Posted By Ron Kidwell

    November 8th

  • SHARING THIS ALONG- Looks like a great way to help- http://www.gofundme.com/gp1eww

    I am raising money for a low income child to attend an aviation college to get a degree to become a pilot and be well versed in the aviation field. This student has really strived to keep high standards at their local high school landing a spot in the states gifted program. They have earned enoug...

    Posted By Poorgirl Blu

    November 4th