FJ-3M (F-1C) Fury

On Loan from the National Museum of Naval Aviation

Length 37′ 7″ fj3
Wingspan 37′ 1″
Height 13′ 7″
Empty Weight 12,205 LBS
Max Weight 17,179 LBS
Engine Wright JG-S-W
Max Speed 681 MPH
Range 2,784 Miles
Ceiling 49,000 Feet
Text Markings: DB 1393, 141393, Marines, VMF-235


Description by Kyle Kirby:

The Fury (FJ-3M BuNo 141393) arrived here in Oct. 1991 after a two year ordeal of trying to work with the Navy and free it up from Alexander County to move it here from Taylorsville to the Hickory Regional Airport. It is our namesake as it was developed from the F-86 Sabre family and we needed a name fast to get the ball rolling and establish our new organization. Thus the Sabre Society was born. When finally given permission to move the aircraft, we called Fort Bragg in an attempt to expedite the move as quickly as possible. Much to our surprise a heavy lift unit there jumped at the opportunity to airlift the airplane! The 18th Airborne Corps sent up a CH-47 Chinook and moved the aircraft from Taylorsville to Hickory….a very impressive sight!! It was the first flight of a FJ-3M in 26 years, albeit not under its own power.
It’s kind of ironic that the Sabrejet family was originally an outgrowth of the original FJ-1 Fury straight wing jet for the navy. Our Fury was one of the best fighters in the world in the mid-fifties and fared well in mock encounters with modern types like the supersonic F-100 Super Sabre from the same company…North American Aviation. The FJ-3M dispensed with the J-47 engine of the early F-86s and the FJ-2 Fury that preceded it and gained the more powerful J-65 Sapphire that gave it outstanding performance, especially around the carriers from which it flew, where the extra thrust was really needed. That was the main complaint of the similar FJ-2 Fury when involved in carrier trials. The Fury family gained folding wing gear, arrestor hooks and other Navy mods that added considerable weight over their land based F-86 cousins. Therefore the main bulk of -2 Furys served out their lives in USMC or USN ground based units where the more powerful -3s and -4s provided yeoman service aboard the carriers as well as land based units. The ultimate measure of success is that the Fury was a very popular mount with those that flew and maintained it. It also helped usher in a new era as the FJ-3M was one of the first aircraft to ever use the Aim-9 Sidewinder operationally. The M in its designation denoting missile. We are very proud to have this extremely rare aircraft in our possession.

Here is a summary of the military service history:

142393 – FJ-3M – C/N 54322

08 Jun 1956 – BAR FA – Columbus, OH

13 Jun 1956 – VMF-344 – MCAS Cherry Point, NC

01 Dec 1956 – H&MS-32 – MCAS Cherry Point, NC

29 Jan 1957 – VMF-235 – MCAS Cherry Point, NC

08 Feb 1958 – VMF-235 – MCAS Beaufort, SC

04 Feb 1959 – VMF-333 – MCAS Miami, FL

31 May 1959 – VMF-333 – NAS Roosevelt Roads, PR

31 Sep 1959 – VMF-333 – MCAS Beaufort, SC

12 Oct 1959 – O&R BUAER M&S – MCAS Cherry Point, NC

17 Oct 1963 – Stricken – 19P0

863 – Total Hours