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Be Part of the Action!

Would you like to be a part of the Sabre Society, but aren't sure about the requirements for membership?

Here are a few important points about Sabre Society members:
- Some are pilots, most are not. Pilot experience is not required.
- Most feel compelled to preserve artifacts from aviation and military history.
- Most are interested in the history of the local Hickory area.
- Some are able to commit many hours per week, and some volunteer for simply one day per month.
- Some are able to provide extensive financial support, while some donate services and volunteer time
- All would be glad for you to be a part of the organization too!

The Hickory Aviation Museum needs your help! Keeping a museum running requires a staff of volunteers. Whether you are an aviation expert or have no experience with aviation, you can help provide crucial support to our organization. All you have to do to be a great volunteer is to come to meetings with an open mind, follow through with the committments that you accept, and be ready to help the museum grow.

Currently the museum has needs for tour guides, aircraft restoration, gift shop staff, construction of new exhibits, and general upkeep. If you are retired, or have days off during the week, you can be especially helpful by helping us expand the museum hours to be open during the week.

Volunteers can sign up by visiting the museum or contacting Jeff Wofford, Sabre Society President, via the "contact" link above, or at 828-612-5126.

Meetings are on the first Saturday of each month at 2:00pm. Come out and join us!

Have you ever wondered who some of the folks are who hang around at the museum? Here are some pictures of only a few of the many regular volunteers.

Photo by Kyle Kirby
Harvey Dancy has made it possible for us to open on Fridays now. We are looking at opening more throughout the week and need dedicated support just as Harvey is giving

Photo by Kyle Kirby
Jim Malcolm entertaining a young girl inside the museum. He has put in as many hours as anybody at the museum and is a model builder par excellence! His unique skills greatly enhance the museum.

Photo by Kyle Kirby
Here Jeff Wofford, Jim Rosamond, Brian Laws ,and Jim Malcolm move the Ha-200 "inside" the fence. The help also included our good pal Dennis Murdock who has helped us tremendously in the past. He works at the airport and helped provide some muscle.

Photo by Jared Yates
Bobby Baker and Kregg Kirby looking sharp

Photo by Jared Yates
Here Jeff Willhelm demonstrates his likeness to an F-4 canopy. "How is this, guys?"

Photo by Jared Yates
Tom Burkhalter gives John a break in the gift shop

Do you have a great picture of a volunteer in action? Let us know! Use the "contact us" link above.
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